This band makes improvised music. I co-founded it with pianist Sergio Abdoelrahman. I love playing with these guys. We are open for all music genres and focus on making art and having fun. This is MY way of taking care of the world.

Sergio Abdoelrahman – Piano (2001)
Cas Jiskoot – Bass (1998)
Tim van Emmerloot – Drums (2000)


I created ‘Beatz’ to experiment with sounds and (electronic) grooves. With this project, everything is allowed, music wise. I describe this genre as abstract and expressionistic. This project was also created to get out of my comfort zone and try different things. “I know this kind of music isn’t exactly populair”, “But I love making it, as it is something I can afford to make ‘mistakes’ in and get outside the box.

Tim van Emmerloot – Production, Sampling, Mix & Mastering  

The Aligned

I co-founded this group with friend Benjamin Tetteroo (keys). His own compositions are soulful pop with jazz influences. We played music together since I can remember and decided to make a real group out of it. Its a fun, young project, that allows me to see different sides of the music (industry). Also, different styles allow me to expand my musical tools and apply each one differently.

Marin Pols – Vocals
Raphael van der Schaft – Bass
Benjamin Tetteroo – Keys
Tim van Emmerloot – Drums