Drums for your tracks!

No more mechanic drum machine sound.Get the organic live sound!

Do you want a specialised, unique and enhancing drumtrack for your music? You’ve come to the right place!

Why here?

  • You will get a unique drum sound.

Over the years, I have (and still am) created my own sound and style. The most important thing to me is not to only provide rhythmic support to the song but also enhance harmonies and add emotion by intensity, choice of instrumentation and sound. Of course if you have specific idea I will listen and discuss! After all, we want to get this song to it’s maximum potential (even for demo’s)!!

A little disclaimer. My drum sound is very organic, as if you were in the room with me. That said, I don’t over-polish my drums to the point where I could just send you samples and you wouldn’t know the difference. Of course organic is very different from sloppy. I make sure the drum parts are played clean aswel as that the mix is fitting into the song perfectly!

  • Less equipment, bigger sound.

I’ve collected different sounding cymbals/drums, not to the point where I just buy everything that shines, but to the point where if something speaks to me, one way or another, I feel interested and want to explore that sound. I sit with the instruments so I know how they sound and how/when/why they can fit a song.

  • Fair Price

A drum recording for a fair price (includes mixes and feedback moments). Use for your record or for demo’s!

If interested contact me! We can discuss everything there and do a FaceTime/Skype session beforehand, so I know exactly what you want, or if you live in the area, have a cup of coffee!

Prices will vary to the projects work…