Born and raised in the Netherlands…

I started drumming at age 9. I studied drums in a group at a local music school, Trias, until the age of 11. Of course hitting the classic pots and pans before that. After that I proceeded to follow drum lessons at Codarts (conservatory of Rotterdam) for one year. At the age of 13, I went to study drums at Drumschool Voorburg and followed lessons by Paul Reijenga. From here on out, I took music more seriously as I knew that this was what I wanted to do professionally. I started a band with some high-school friends and recorded two singles, this was my first real studio session. However, this group would soon fall apart due to lack of management. After 3 years of lessons, studying the fundamentals of drumming, I started following coaching lessons at the Groove Impact Academy given by Juan van Emmerloot in 2016. From the year 2017, I also followed drum lessons given by Matthijs de Ridder and Milan Pestel and followed music theory lessons given bij Robin Meerkel in pursuit of a new direction: studying the essence of jazz/improvisation music. This all the while I was still finishing school. In the summer of 2017 I started composing my own songs to express myself and all that happened personally in summer 2016 until summer 2017.

We Make Music event 2018
Eventually I wanted something else…

…A new start. I applied for ‘the school for young talent’ at the Royal Conservatory The Hague for my senior year in high school (September 2017 – May 2018). I met Sergio Abdoelrahman and after a year of playing we formed a jazz ensemble: The Simio Jazz Trio (now SIMIO). June 9th we recorded their debut EP Delusional at Vanmerloot Music Pros, which was released by label New Jazz Adventure.

October 24th marks the date I led my first, self-developed workshop “Drum Solo’s”.

I started to develop my own sound and philosophies, which resulted in me venturing out independently in 2018 (after I finished school). With these philosophies, I started gaining different perspectives on matters music related. I did a research paper to explore harmony theoretically, started developing lessons and routes, searching for the essentials of (for example) groove. This led to the Jazz Experience.

Longsleeve design

Around the same time he started a new group, co-led with Benjamin Tetteroo. A long time friend (since age 4) who studied music along with me all throughout the years. This group is called Sonorous (now The Aligned).

While gaining knowledge over the music business, managing a band and developing my entrepreneurial skills, studying drums and playing is my main focus.

April 6th 2019 SIMIO recorded a new EP where the maturing of the group comes through. April 13th 2019 Sonorous recorded their first EP. A lot of exiting stuff! I even managed to get de Regentenkamer to work with SIMIO, to create a special release concert in het Koorenhuis. Which is a milestone for me and the band.

At around September 2019 I started designing clothes and artworks. I love initiating business ideas and try to make them work. Now SIMIO’s going to record their 3rd EP with a special process…